TripLok currency security bags meet all FED requirements and are the new benchmark for FED compliance with improved efficiency and cost

Triplok security bags meet stringent Vault Process Certification (VPC) standards, which were developed by security experts in consultation with cash vault and loss prevention professionals across the country. Bags that earn the VPC seal can provide dramatic improvements in cash management performance, while lowering costs in the vault and in all currency handling applications.

This patented currency bag is at the forefront of the family of security bags and clearly defines commitment to the science of security. We make it our business to provide you, our valued customer, with intelligent security packaging.


  • High visibility void message appears when tampered with


  • Specially formulated thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat


  • Unique triple seal closure with interior adhesive sealing


  • Security micro perforation releases with attempts to pull up


  • Anti-static metalized release liner does not cling to clothes when removed


  • Aqua detect ink smears when exposed to moisture


  • Sequential numbers embedded in closure


  • Security micro-print along indented side welds


Currency Bag SizeCapacityPackaging
9″ x 12″1000 notes/1 bundle500/CT
12″ x 16″2000 notes/2 bundles500/CT