For store deposits and cash transfers

Secure And Easy To Use

The SafeLok bag incorporates our “press2Lok” seal technology, utilizing a high security void tape with an in-line closure. This void tape is specially formulated to display void evidence when subjected to heat, cold, or chemicals.

Typically used for deposits, this bag comes in a large array of sizes and styles including internal and external pockets for checks and deposit slips. High performance films and side seams meet all Federal Reserve guidelines. The high-definition void graphics on this “easy to seal” bag make it a deterrent against theft as well as a favorite for high volume cash users.


  • Press2Lok closure - simply press and it’s closed

  • VOID message appears in sealing mechanism when subjected to cold temperatures or chemicals

  • Specially formulated thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat

  • Random printed black line graphics prevents the cut and replace method of tampering


  • Anti-static metalized release liner


  • Choice of high performance white or clear film


  • Large, easy to read barcodes and sequential numbers on front and side of bag


  • Security micro-print along indented side welds


  • The Vault Process Certified VPC seal – and the endorsement of leading loss prevention managers


  • Meets Federal Reserve guidelines


Currency Bag SizeCapacityPackaging
9″ x 12″1000 notes/1 bundle500/CT
12″ x 16″2000 notes/2 bundles500/CT
13.5″ x 10″ Horizontal Twin (dual deposit)500 notes/200 checks500/CT
10″ x 15″ Vertical Twin (dual deposit)1000 Notes/300 checks500/CT
14″ x 20″ Vertical Twin (dual deposit)3000 Notes/600 checks250/CT