Coin deposit, transfer, and storage bags

The CoinLok coin bag meets stringent Vault Process Certification (VPC) standards, which were developed by security experts in consultation with cash and coin management experts around the country. Bags that earn the VPC seal have been proven to provide dramatic improvements in coin management performance. This results in increased efficiencies in the vault and in all coin handling applications while virtually eliminating breakage.

Designed for simple one time use, these innovative coin bags are easy to use and fit all major coin counters and sorters. The option of a 2nd reinforced handle increases operator comfort and safety. An aggressive tamper resistant adhesive closure secures against tampering and provides security while in transit. CoinLok coin bags are preferred and endorsed by major armored couriers.


  • High visibility FED-compliant barcodes provides larger target for handheld scanners


  • Large video-visual numbers are easily viewed by security cameras for audit trail


  • Reinforced die-cut handle with triple ply film. Withstands 100 lbs stretch test


  • FED required bag shipment write-on area


  • FED ID label placement area


  • Low slip film for easy stacking


Currency Bag SizeCapacityPackaging
10″ x 16″25 lbs of coin (half size)250/CT
12″ x 25″50 lbs of coin (single handle)250/CT
14.5″ x 25″50 lbs of coin (dual handle)250/CT